We understand IT so you don’t have to

Avoid expensive service calls and extended downtimes with our fair flat-fee pricing and proactive monitoring system. We can identify and repair many issues before you’re even aware of them. On those days when things just aren’t going your way, we’re available 24/7/365 for you IT emergencies so you’ll be up and running in no time.

More than just emergency service

We offer more than just emergency IT service. We know that as business owners and managers, it’s not just those times the server is smoking that keep you up at night. It’s data backup and recovery, it’s planning the new network, it’s having clear phone calls that don’t cost a fortune, it’s making sure your team is connected to everyone and everything that they need, and it’s making plans in case disaster strikes. Let us take away the worry and stress.

Peace of mind with no obligation

We’re so confident you will love our service that we don’t lock you into a complex, long-term contract.  Our contracts are month-to-month because we know you’ll love the service and our ability to adapt to your business needs.

Save time and money

IT service is necessary for any growing business. Investing in modern computer and mobile systems that are well-planned and maintained, keeping data secure and backed-up, and have a trusted professional to handle the emergencies will keep your head and shoulders above your competition, where you deserve to be.

San Diego IT services

Let’s be honest, you don’t have time to deal with computer problems. After all, if your system goes down or something goes wrong, the downtime can be devastating to your bottom line. There’s no time for poking around and trying to piece things together. You need to be up and running FAST.  What’s even better than having a skilled, vetted IT master at your beck and call?  Having a system that monitors itself 24/7/365 scanning for potential problems before they even happen!


The future is here! Any professional service (doctors, dentists, accountants, attorneys, etc.) understands the importance of having their documents, records, and files ready-to-go at a moment’s notice. Having a reliable, secure system is a must.

Our Continuous Monitoring system is a lean, mean, detective from the street. OK, maybe not, but it is a small, barely noticeable, monitoring powerhouse that keeps your machine running smoothly.

The program run quietly in the background.  It’s so small you won’t even notice any slowdown or lag in your system.  Don’t let its small size fool you!  The program is like having a technician living in your computer.  It constantly checks your system to make sure all your services are running, that your computer is up-to-date, and that your system is capable of keeping up with your busy schedule.  If it finds something that it can’t fix on its own it alerts our team of engineers so they can handle the issue before it is a problem for you, keeping you and your team productive and profitable.

Continuous Monitoring will:

  • Runs in the background using minimal resources
  • Monitor hardware health
  • Initiate software deployment
  • Implement Windows service updates and patches
  • Alert our team of potential problems
  • Offer ScreenConnect remote support, so our IT professionals can fix your system from afar

There are few certainties in business except: there are never enough hours in the day or enough money in the bank. While you’re being the productive, busy bee, it’s hard to imagine fitting even one more thing in, especially if that “one more thing” is something as important as maintaining your computer systems, network, and equipment. Who has the time? Who has the expertise?

We do.

The Computer Admin’s team of IT professionals saves you time, money and energy by keeping your system running smoothly, your data protected, and your system secure.

We offer a range of products and services for whatever IT support you need.  From network planning to system monitoring, from general support to phone system setup, we have a tech that is ready to help you now.

Plan your system so it can expand with your business.

We’ll help you by:

  • Planning and recommending new equipment (computers, phones and other electronic devices)
  • Finding the equipment you need at a great price
  • Connecting systems to ensure the most efficient use of resources

Depend on our knowledgeable and reliable technicians when you have a technical issue.

We’ll help you by:

  • Fixing common system and network issues (like the blue screen of death!)
  • Setting up new systems or software and removing the old
  • Ensuring compatibility between computers, servers, other hardware, mobile devices and peripherals
  • Regularly checking software and system compatibility

Make the most of your systems connectivity so your team stays productive and competitive.

We’ll help you by:

  • Developing network plans
  • Setting up servers and maintaining VMware (Virtualization and Cloud Computing to make clients more agile, responsive and profitable)
  • Microsoft Exchange (Email and Calendar)
  • Planning your internal Exchange environment or helping you migrate to Microsoft Office 365

Your data is the lifeblood of your business. Trust your damaged drive to the professionals.

We’ll help you by:

  •     Using DriveSavers’ spectacular service to recover your data from RAID to desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras and other digital devices.

Keep your data safe with our secure, on and off-site backup solutions. Are you ready for the unexpected? If there was a flood, fire, power outage, break-in, system failure or any other disaster, would you be able to continue business?  How long would it take to be up and running again?  Did you just cringe?  When your business is on the line, we understand that it’s critical to not only recover lost data, but to recover it quickly, so your team can resume productivity.

Be prepared for the unexpected

The best backup and recovery systems start with a well-thought-out plan. When you go offline, what are the most important factors to consider to get you and your team back to productivity quickly? We start with an assessment and consultation to evaluate your risk tolerance, acceptable downtime, data, and systems to determine your backup needs and recovery priorities. We’ll make recommendations to ensure that when the unexpected occurs, you are ready with a plan and access to your data when you need it.

Safety First

We understand your data is important and sensitive. You and your clients need to know that the information in your hands is safe and secure. With up to three levels of backup (local, west coast, and east coast) and encryption services, we do everything possible to make sure your data is safe and accessible.

Your data is your most valuable asset. Make sure it’s protected.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

  • Gives you a plan for when disaster strikes
  • Backs-up on a pre-determined schedule
  • Keeps data secure with up to three iterations (local, west coast, and east coast)
  • Makes data available in as little as a few hours–rather than days or weeks
  • Is Budget-friendly for small and large businesses

Are you taking full advantage of all your resources? Can you and your team access all your data when and where they need it?

Boost your efficiency and productivity with a well-planned network

You know how important it is to have the right tools for the right job. Sure, a butter knife will eventually cut a steak, but is it the best solution? How much time and frustration would you save if you used a sharper knife?  The same goes for your network. Planning your network and choosing the right tools for the job boosts productivity, minimizes frustration, and gives your business a solid foundation on which to grow. We’ll help you choose, install, and maintain all of your tech–servers, computers, and peripherals, so you and your team are working efficiently and effectively.

Why should you plan your network?

  • Creates a faster, more responsive system
  • Allows your team to access critical information in the office or from the road
  • Ensures sensitive data is safe and secure
  • Enables you to plan and respond quickly and efficiently to disasters
  • Prepares your systems for effective backup
  • Ensure you have the memory, processing power. and storage you need to stay up-to-date

Are you tired of high monthly phone bills, poor customer service and being nickeled and dimed by the phone company? There is a better way that will save you, and your business, time, money and frustration, voice over internet protocol or VoIP.

Save time, money, and energy

Instead of using traditional phone lines, VoIP harnesses the power of the internet and cloud-based computing to provide feature-rich calling to businesses for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Clear calls, easy transitions from office to mobile, auto-attendants, phone trees, and multi-language support are all included. Your team will be productive and effective whether they’re in the office or on the road. As your business grows, your system grows with you! It’s simple to add lines, extensions, and equipment. Plus, if you ever have any issues with your system, The Computer Admin’s stellar customer service is just a call away. We’ll help you plan a system that works best for your business needs.

How is VoIP better than traditional phone service?

  • VoIP systems grow with your business
  • Low setup costs
  • Save up to 50% on recurring phone costs
  • All the bells and whistles including: auto-attendant, mobile integration, call groups, ring groups, multi-language support and more
  • Work from the office or the road through the same full-feature system
  • Lifetime warranty on equipment
  • 1-stop customer support

Protection + Peace of Mind with No Obligation + No Contract!

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