The Computer Admin Glasses

The Computer Admin supports your computer, and IT needs when and where you need us most.

Who Are We?

The Computer Admin was launched by Kevin and Tim Fronczek who realized that Information Technology had the potential to be more user-friendly. By looking at the needs of business and the end user’s abilities, they saw a gap that needed to be filled and strive to fill it.

The Computer Admin’s unique brand of IT services is the ideal solution for small to medium businesses, law firms, CPA’s, medical offices and other professional services in and around San Diego. Are you tired of struggling with dealing with IT issues yourself? Let TCA help! Call or contact us today for a free evaluation and let us show you how we can free you from the hassles and grow with you.

What Makes The Computer Admin Different?

  • We aren’t just computer “techs,” our team is made up of IT specialists including engineers, security professionals, Mac experts, and PC gurus and system admins.
  • Even though we are in a high-tech field, we always put people first. You can see this in our dedication to superior customer service.
  • At The Computer Admin, we do more than just service your computers. We work with your peripherals too. Need us to talk to your copy machine provider to get this working again, or set it up to work with your system? No problem. We’re on it! We can even act as the contact for leased hardware such as copiers and faxes.
  • We offer both remote and on-site support. Most problems can be resolved remotely.  If there is a problem that needs a physical touch, we’ll come out and resolve the issue in person.
  • We don’t believe in contracts. Our service speaks for itself.

Our Philosophy

We challenge the status quo of the traditional IT department. We do this by providing high-end services that are custom tailored to your specific business needs. We provide friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable service.

Plan – Connect – Protect

  • Plan – Creating a plan allows for a more streamlined, efficient and elegant system. It ensures essential equipment and critical protocols are not missed. We are happy to discuss your future plans and how your infrastructure can grow with you.
  • Connect – We network your systems to make day-to-day activities easier and more efficient. We provide the tools to make you and your business effective.
  • Protect – Computer systems fail. Viruses are caught, and data is lost. The best-laid plans go awry, it’s just part of our technologically dependent world.

Protection + Peace of Mind with No Obligation + No Contract!