Through no fault of their own, the Computer Admin has been dealing with a major problem for us for over a month. Kevin has even been working with our system on his vacation days to accommodate us. I’m pretty sure they lost money these past two months but have not sent us an additional bill over our monthly contracted amount. We are quite possibly their worst client right now and we feel bad for it, but they have acted only professionally and given us service as if we are their best client. Highly recommend. These people care.

Bridy O.

I called these guys today in quite a panic.  I was thrilled they could send someone out within the hour being that I wasn’t a current customer.  The problem was quickly resolved and explained to me in a way I could understand.  I look forward to setting up a regular contract with them so I have the peace of mind to know I won’t get stuck without my server again. Kevin was helpful and took time to get to know my business and our computer needs and troubles.  This is a great connection from the East County Chamber of Commerce.

Stacy M.

These guys again and again blow me away. The immediate response when in need of support is just amazing. They have gone above and beyond every time, amazing communication, amazing service, making sure all issues are resolved, follow up on the visit.


Evelin D.

These guys are as good as it gets.  They care.  They are responsive.  They are fair in pricing.  I used them for over four years and I highly recommend them.

Bob M.

Protection + Peace of Mind with No Obligation + No Contract!