Warning: We like big geeky words

What is a Computer Network:
A set of Computers that are connected and able to exchange data.

Why Should You Care:
You will be able to share files between computers, connect all of your computers to the internet, keep your information safe, and backup your files in case of an emergency.

Benefits of a Computer Network

  • Saves Money on Hardware Resource Sharing
    Does each one of your staff have their own printer, fax, scanner? Chances are if they do not, you are already using some sort of Computer Network in your office. By sharing access to printers, fax machines, and scanning services the company saves a mint on over taxed hardware devices, tech support, and hours of wasted time on headaches trying to fix the printer error on the fax machine.
  • Keeps Your Files Safe
    Inside your office people are busy doing their different daily tasks, buzzing around getting stuff done for your customers. Each of them use their computer in both a shared and individualized way, and each of them has the ability to screw up your files and systems if there are no Administrator check stops on what is being shared and with whom.  The Computer Admin (plug intended) can ensure the data is backed up, and control who can read, change and share critical pieces of information.
  • Saves Money on Internet Connection Bills
    Remember when 52k was a fast internet speed? No? Well it was like Buzz Lightyear fast ten years ago. Today’s internet speeds are measured in M’s and are 1000 times faster than K’s. What does that mean you ask? It means that several computers can share an internet connection with ease and speed. Which means that you are paying one internet connection bill for a small to mid sized business as compared to several. It also makes it easier to protect the system as the Administrator can put limits on the type of content that can be accessed by your system, and avoid viruses and wasted time on Facebook looking at your high school boyfriends honeymoon photos.
  • Saves Money (See a theme here?) on Software
    A LAN (Local Area Network) is what your Computer Network is technically called, and through it you can securely share files with everyone in your business, office, school or organization.  Hackers beware, a properly installed and monitored network will be hard to crack, keeping your clients information safe and sound. It also allows for your staff and co-workers to work on projects together in a virtual environment. Acronyms like FTP (File Transfer Protocol), P2P (Peer to Peer sharing), will be terms your Admin will know, all you will need to do is to click a button.
  • Ending with Application Sharing
    Much like the Resource Sharing above, sharing software applications saves a business thousands and thousands of dollars on license fees for duplicate software. The greatest benefit is that a user can run software that isn’t even installed on their own computer, and, computers running it don’t have to have the processing capacity that the main system has, saving the company even more money by purchasing computers suitable for everyday use for the staff.

If you have set up a Computer Network for your business you are on your way to saving some big time dough as your company expands. Spending some time getting expert advice on how and what to buy to set it up is critical. If you have an on site IT team, they should be able to get your through any hiccups in the system, as they usually have installed it. If you do not have that staffing power, outsource it.

Do you make your own gasoline? Your own shoes? Hire a team that knows what they are doing to get you running quickly and efficiently. In other words, leave the driving to us. (stolen tag line for sure). Call The Computer Admin today at (619) 713-7422 or schedule a consultation to learn more about building a Computer Network for your business.